UPDATE 4/12/24 1:37 PM DTE has identified the source of the power outage; it is east of town off of US12 in a flooded, overgrown field. DTE estimates power will be restored by 6:00 PM this evening, although their website mentions an early time of 5:20 PM. If we receive any additional information, we will add a new update to this post.

4/12/24 11:25 AM GENERATOR QUESTIONS ANSWERED by Doris Kemner, Clinton Village President. “Just so everyone knows,  the Village ordered a backup generator last year (this was published in our minutes that we place in the Clinton Local.). After much research and work by our Village Council, Village Manager and MIchigan South Central Power Agency, as well as American Municipal Power, we (the council) approved to order the generator from CAT (Caterpillar) out of Indiana. It is a huge build to make one of those. We anticipate the backup generator to be installed in Clinton this September.  More information will be published when we receive the generator. This will be  wonderful  for our community. Few communities our size, much less any size, have backup generators.”

UPDATE 4/12/24 10:08 AM: DTE has been notified of the outage.
Notes about Village wide outages - The Village of Clinton is connected by two main lines that are owned and maintained by DTE. In the event of a Village wide outage where power is not getting to the Village, you may check DTE's Outage Status for an estimated time of restoration. https://outage.dteenergy.com/status The address to type in is 119 E Michigan Ave, Clinton, MI 49236

UPDATE: 4/12/24 10:00 AM The Electric Department has discovered that the power outage is due to DTE's two main lines that feed the Village are down. This is not a local issue and the Village is reporting the issue to DTE. 

As of Friday, 4/12/24, at 9:51 AM, the Village is currently experiencing a power outage. The Village Electric Department is in the process of determining if this is a local issue they will be able to resolve, or if it’s an external issue that is affecting the Village.
For power outage updates, please follow us on Facebook or this post. Updates will be posted as soon as we have more information.