Update 8:40: there is one more fuse to replace and then everyone should be back on!! If you are still without power, please call our emergency line at 800-803-9476. 

Update 6:15 pm: DTE just called us back and said they are working on their issues related to the two feeds that run to Clinton. Our electric crew and Hillsdale have addressed the majority of local issues and are still working this evening.

Update 5:45 pm: our crews are still working on local issues and have already resolved many throughout the Village. We have not heard back from DTE as to how things are coming along on their side. We see their website says an estimated restoration time could be Sunday. Even if we have all of the local issues resolved, we still need at least one of the two lines from DTE that feeds the Village to work for us to have power. 

Update 8/25 3:45 pm: DPW crew began clearing trees Thursday evening. They are currently on Washington removing a large tree blocking the road. (Pictures below)

Update 8/25 3:30 pm: Hillsdale crew has finished installing a new pole on Washington Street and is currently working on Clinton Street. (Photo below)

Update 8/25/23 2:45 pm: Village crews have started work on the destroyed pole on Tecumseh-Clinton Rd (pictured below). Hillsdale crews are working on Washington Street. 

Update 8/25/23 1:00 pm: Clinton and Hillsdale crew members are working hard on known issues within the Village (broken poles, down lines, etc). We still do not have a power supply from DTE which means we have local and non local issues at play that are being addressed. 

Update 8/25/23 9:45 am: a huge thank you to the City of Hillsdale for helping our crew. They are here and on site working with our electric department to provide extra man power. Another huge thank you to the fire department for all of their assistance with clearing trees; 13 firefighters were working through the night and assisting today. 

Update: 8/25/23 8:00 am: the storm has affected not only the the Village but also surrounding areas which means we have local lines and poles that our team is addressing, but also means both feeds from DTE do not have power coming into the Village. The Village Manager contacted the city of Hillsdale and they will be here as mutual this morning. 

Update 8/25/23 7:10 am: There is a lot of damage and multiple towns are without power. Our crews have been working hard to do what they can to get our power restored but currently do not have an estimated time of restoration. This storm hit us hard… 

Update 8/24/23 11:40 pm: The storm has caused a lot of damage to poles and utility lines throughout the Village. The Electric Department has been working hard on scene to address issues. This storm was brutal and did not go easy on our little Village… please be safe out there!

As of Thursday, August 24, the Village is currently experiencing a power outage due to heavy winds and storms that came through town. The Village Electric Department has been notified and will determine if this is a local issue they will be able to resolve, or if it’s an external issue that is affecting the Village.

With all of the trees and branches down, we hope everyone is safe!