Energy Savings Smart Thermostat Program

Reward yourself!
Did you know that using a smart thermostat can help you not only reduce energy use but also earn a reward? Once you have an eligible, Wi-Fi-connected thermostat installed, you can earn $55 by enrolling your thermostat in an Energy Saving Program.

The Village of Clinton is participating in Community Energy Savings Smart Thermostat Program, a voluntary program designed to help reduce the cost of electricity. The cost of some electric bill components, like transmission, are based in part on the periods of highest energy consumption. Reducing the demand for electricity during those peak periods translates into lower costs for everyone in the community. By enrolling your smart thermostat in this program, you agree to let the Village of Clinton Electric Department make brief, small adjustments to your thermostat during these times of high electric demand.

Here’s how the program works:
•Purchase an eligible smart thermostat if you don’t already have one. Currently eligible smart thermostats can be found here: https://enrollmythermostat.com/.../amp-community-energy...
•Install and enroll your smart thermostat. Go to https://enrollmythermostat.com/amp-community-energy-savings to confirm your eligibility and enroll.
•Receive a $55 e-gift card after you’ve successfully enrolled in the program.
•The Village of Clinton Electric Department may call brief, limited events where your thermostat is automatically adjusted. This will only occur from May 1 through Sept. 30, and we will adjust your thermostat by no more than four degrees for fewer than four hours during times of high energy demand.
•You can conveniently opt out of an event by changing your thermostat settings.
•Maintain your enrollment in the program and you will be entered for a chance to win a $250 e-gift card at the end of each summer season.

Help your community.
By enrolling in the Community Energy Savings program, you are helping to decrease the demand for electricity during times of peak usage, lowering not only your energy costs, but the costs for everyone in your community.
If you have additional questions about the program, please visit the FAQ page on the link above or contact us at communityenergysavings@energyhub.com.