It sounds like there are quite a few generators running throughout town, however, we do have power! Simply make sure your breaker box is back on to see if your home has power. Also, if your neighbor is running a generator and you see this post, please let them know in case they are not seeing our updates on Facebook or the Village website. 

I personally want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to all that have helped in getting the Village back up and running!! There are many surrounding cities that are much larger than us, with more residents, that still do not have power. MANY thanks go out to the Village staff, SVZ Electric, Faust Sand & Gravel, Clinton Fire Department, and Clinton Police Department. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! -Leslie Owens

NEW IMPORTANT NOTICES!! There are a lot of down lines around town still that the Electric crew will be addressing today in between turning circuits on. NEVER approach or touch a down line. All wires should be considered live. Some of those lines are Frontier or Comcast lines, please call them to report your needed repair.
Also, please check your yard for our Electric crew before letting your dogs out.

FAQ: "Wires are down at my house, who is responsible for this?"
The Village is responsible for the line up until the point it attaches to your home (the connection point is typically on the roof). If you have any wires that have been detached from your home that is below the connection point, an electrician will need to assist you.
Update 2/24 2:20 pm: All circuits are now up and running! There are a few individual homes that are still without power due to exterior wires not being connected. The Village's electric crew is still working on the list of reported down lines to get everyone up and running as quickly as possible.  

Update 2/24 11:17 am: As of now, the Village electric crew has 4 out of 6 circuits up and running. As soon as the electric spike dips down, the 5th circuit will be switched on. While the electric spikes slow down, the electric crew is working through the list of reported down wires; they are hopeful to have them all addressed today.

Update 2/24 8:16am: Great news!! We now have SOME power! The Electric crew is trying to turn circuits on to our residents this morning. Due to the load, the Electric crew has to turn circuits on one by one. Once a circuit is on, everyone on that circuit will create a massive spike of energy. The spike needs to level out before another circuit can be energized. If you would like to help in getting our residents and your neighbors up and running quicker, you can absolutely help by limiting the amount of electricity you are using in your home (ie: adjust thermostats lower than normal, keep lights and other electronic devices off, etc), any little bit will help!! We’re in this together!

Update 2/24 7:35am: the Village crew worked an 18+ hour shift yesterday and didn't stop working until 1 AM. They made progress but still have a lot of individual homes that need repairs that they will be working on today. We are hopefully to have more information about DTE’s progress this morning. Stay tuned!

Update 8:35 pm: The Village electric crew is still working hard and will be working late into the night to make repairs to the local system.

Update 6:00 pm: The Village’s electric crew has completed the pole work on Tecumseh Rd and has started responding to down power lines that have been reported to the Village. 

Update 4:12 pm: we do not have any new updates regarding a restoration time from DTE; however, we have been informed their crew is still working on some problem areas that affect the Village. 

Update 1:28 pm: The Village electric staff is half way through resolving the Tecumseh Rd pole issue. They will still need a few more hours to complete it. After that is complete, the Village electric staff will be addressing reported issues. The high priority issues that will be addressed first will be lines that are down, secondary issues will be branches on lines. 

Update 2/23 1:00 pm: our DTE rep just called and said his crew is working on both lines that feed Clinton. The issue they are running into right now is that the affected area is inaccessible and they can’t get trucks to the area. Estimated time of restoration from DTE is still to be determined. 
The Village electric staff is half way through resolving the Tecumseh Rd pole issue. The pole is set and the cross arms are up. 

Update 10:20 am: we currently do not have an estimated time of restoration from DTE. The Village’s electric staff is currently working on fixing a broken pole on Tecumseh Clinton Rd. The Village Manager is trying to find mutual aid from other communities to help us address local issue such as down power lines and tree branches on wires (unfortunately other communities are in a similar situation as us though). 

Update 2/23 8:45 am: DTE informed us they are currently “walking the line out” and assessing the damage. Once they find the damage they can give us an estimated time of restoration. Our DTE rep said we are one of their main priorities. Our electric staff will be working 16 hour shifts to address local issues such as poles, lines, etc. 

Update 2/23 7:24 am: To follow up on last night’s update, the main reason for the outage is no longer a local issue. Our Electric staff will continue making repairs to our distribution system today. Since the main issue is outside of the Village’s distribution system, it is now in DTE’s hands to fix the main lines that connect Clinton. The reason we were able to provide quick updates and have issues fixed promptly by our electric department yesterday is due to the fact that the outages were all from local issues (down lines, tree branches, etc). DTE is not able to provide us with as many updates though, we primarily know “they’re working on it” and “power should be back on”. If we receive any information from DTE, it will be posted asap.

Updated 9:15 pm: the Electric department manually switched the Village from the primary DTE feed to the secondary DTE feed; unfortunately that is not working either. At this time, we have contacted DTE as there is an issue outside of the Village’s distribution system. We regret to say that we will not have any updates until DTE gives the Village an update. We will keep everyone posted as soon as we can. Be safe everyone!

Updated 8:45pm: at this time, it is believed that this outage is affecting the entire Village. 

Update 8:33pm: More outages have been reported to the Electric department. The Village Electric Department is in the process of determining if this is a local issue they will be able to resolve, or if it’s an external issue that is affecting the Village.

UPDATE 2/22/23 6:21 PM: Electric crew members are responding to the 700 block of Tecumseh Clinton Rd for large tree limbs that have fallen and causing some power outages. The crew will then be heading to take care of branches that are down on Sunset and E Church St. 

UPDATE 2/22/23 6:18 PM: Power has been restore for the 5:55 PM outage at Calhoun/Kehoe mentioned below. It was a different branch that had fallen from the same tree that caused the 3:38 PM outage this afternoon. 

UPDATE 2/22/23 5:55 PM: a new outage has been reported near Calhoun. Electric team is on scene. 

UPDATE 2/22/23 4:34 PM: All issues have been fixed and everyone should have power right now. If you are currently without power, please call the after hours line at 800-803-9476 to report an outage.

UPDATE 2/22/23 4:00 PM: The Electric Department is addressing the Coman Street outage right now. As soon as Coman Street is back up and running, the Electric team will be working on the Kehoe outage. After a quick assessment at 3:50 PM, the Superintendent is hopeful the Kehoe issue will be able to be fixed quickly.

UPDATE 2/22/23 3:38 PM: Our Electric Superintendent heard an explosion while addressing the Coman Street outage. A resident simultaneously reported he witnessed a tree branch that fell on electric lines off of Kehoe Rd. We believe these are related and the Electric Department is addressing this. This is affecting Kehoe, Cass, Calhoun, E Church, and Sunset areas.

UPDATE 2/22/23 3:22 PM, the Village is currently experiencing a local power outage near Coman Street due to a tree branch falling on electric lines. The Village Electric Department is on scene to address the down power lines and restore power.