The Village of Clinton is under a winter weather advisory until 8:00 PM. The forecast is to have mixed precipitation with snow and ice accumulations which could cause power outages across the state. The weight of the snow and ice can cause electric wires to break. Tree limbs also become heavy with snow and ice causing them to break and fall into power lines. The Village regularly trims trees which will help reduce the likelihood of outages from fallen limbs. If there is an outage within the Village’s distribution system, the Electric staff is prepared to restore power.

Helpful hints and reminders:
• Stay away from any utility lines that are on the ground. Call our emergency line at 800-803-9476 if any downed lines are spotted.
• Do not have generators in your home or garage. Keep them outside far away from windows and doors.
• To prevent the loss of perishable food, move any refrigerated items into a cooler and place outside.